Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the more popular advertising techniques for online retailers. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based referral partnership.It is a marketing technique used by affiliates to successfully convert affiliate products into sales. The prime purpose of affiliate marketing is to get conversions or affiliate sales through different ways of affiliate marketing techniques. In most affiliate agreements, usually the website owner puts links or ads on their site to promote the retailers product to the visitors of the site which comprises of ideally potential customers for the retailer but only if the transaction generates a lead, in exchange for the promotion, the retailer joins to share some part of the profit with the affiliate.

Commission Methods
Types of Affiliates
Benefits for Retailers
Benefits for Affiliates
    • The commission method first earns commission and proceeds thereafter.Depending on the agreement, an affiliates can earn its commission each time a visitor clicks the ad or registers for more information or completes an online purchase which varies depending on the nature of the transaction. it in undoubtful that retailers generally pay a higher commission for transactions that result in sales as opposed to a page views or completed surveys. Commissions are usually paid as either a percentage of the sale or as flat fixed price that completely depends on the commissioning method.

    • The common examples of affiliates are:

      • Coupon or discount websites
      • Shopping directories
      • Search affiliates
      • Personal blogs
      • Niche product/services sites
    • Retailers those who donot have a lot of time to invest in online promotions can outsource their promotion activity and can take utmost advantage of expanded audiences that affiliate marketing offers.

      Affiliate marketing plays a vital role for retailers with tight advertising budgets because you can tailor your affiliate agreement to only pay for the promotions that result in sales.

    • Website owners who are looking to earn some extra income find that affiliate marketing offers them the opportunity to make money online without a lot of extra effort as their websites are already on and running.

      Affiliates tend to spend much more time in both researching new partnership opportunities who usually earn their primary income off marketing and making their sites more desirable to potential advertisers' and its usually by increasing site traffic and building a good online reputation.

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