Newsletter Marketing


Newsletter marketing is trusted mostly by small business firms which invariably results in an increased frequency of purchases, size of transactions, and inquiry rates in addition to increasing client’s loyalty.You can stay in touch with clients on business news, it’s of Low cost and it Provides Information in all spheres. It also drive the client back to a sales page or prompt a phone order.It expand the market you frequently email via send to a friend.

A great way to stay in touch with your existing client and to reach out to prospective customers.

As a website owner, we always allow visitors to subscribe to our weekly or monthly newsletter. In return, we want to provide you fresh industry information, news and latest developments straight to your inbox. Thing is that you do not have to look for information anymore. Just grab the benefits as much as you can.

At Infogrity, we take care of all aspects of your newsletter marketing campaign on your behalf. By scheduling auto responders, designing the right HTML template, embedding links to your website or sales page, and increasing the number of subscribers to your newsletters. With Newsletter marketing, Clients are now more likely to revisit your website and give more importance to it.

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