Approach towards outsourcing business
    • Infogrity Softwares is well structured Professional out sourcing company to make available successful solutions to Information & technology. Ladder for our success is well coordination between developing external IT environment and our internal organizational environment.Our workforce is the combinational result of highly skilled web designers, developers, copy writers, and SEO company experts.We have a common approach towards meeting the needs of the clients in a focused manner and we are very much strict towards adherence to the timely delivery of services have given us an edge over our peers in the market.
      • We use to deliver flexible policies for faster growth of our internal working environment as well as our external outsourcing business.
      • Our processes and methods are easy to implement and for optimum utilization of company resources.
      • Our Methodology of depicted services are well coped up with client demands as they are very elastic and we have techniques that will Gear-up your business activities and turn them much more easier accessibility,faster and smoother.
      • Appropriate combination between fix methodological rules and flexible aspects of company rules in providing outsourcing services.

Offshore business

Coding Standards:
We have certain standards of coding and we strictly follow it.
General Class Library:
We have existing class Library which is consisting of different general functions like Make connection with database.

Understanding Needs

To provide satisfactory solution, we first analyze the requirement description and then if we discover some missing points, the concerned person of the field will have a discussion with client and suggest him better option.


At this phase we will create Infogrity Softwares -prototype of the project, elaborate the Functional Specification (FS) and give an exact estimate of the project cost and time aswell.


The actual work on an offshore web development of eCommerce development of software project includes several simultaneous processes. Client is provided with the capability to control the progress on each of the activities at any stage.

Testing & Implementation

Our goal is to present you with the flawless web or software solution. By setting clear goals, fixing the priorities, organizing the resources and rigorously monitoring the growth of project we claim ourself to be result oriented.


The final project phase includes set up of the hosting infrastructure, the solution tune up and support.

  • Set up at client hosting
  • Tune up