Ruby on Rails Applications Development

Ruby on Rails, abbreviated as RoR is bacically an open source web application framework written in Ruby which is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that can develop data driven applications that to in a much faster pace. MVC architecture separates data from logic and offers skeleton code frameworks from the outset. Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language. It mainly focuses on simplicity, flexibility and productivity and hence RoR is designed to slash development time and increase the simplicity of coding for the dynamic web sites. The Rails framework supports: MySQL, SQL server, Postgre SQL, DB2 and Oracle databases. Rails is perfect for client based web applications than can fasten development and knowledge aswell. Converting ideas of web development professionally into real websites and applications is Infogrity toil for our offshore clients.

Our ROR developers/ programmers are quick to work on real terms of online business such as consulting clients and tweaking them for their website goals & designing idea and after layout preparation they convert it into themes. We also ensure that all design & development process should be according to W3C guidelines. In Ruby on Rails Development we :

» Ruby on Rails Layout Design » Ruby on Rails Hosting » Ruby on Rails Maintenance » Ruby on Rails Migration » Testing Environment » Web 2.0 application development based on latest Ruby on Rails



The Latest We Can Offer

We will provide you all latest versions with support for Agile Software Development cycle. It is very consistent & simple; and supports Perl and Python. We will provide you the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming.We also provide scaffolding which can automatically construct some of the models needed for a basic website. Our Developers are working proficiently to provide you advanced application development principles of Convention over Configuration (CoC). It is ideal for Rapid Application Development.

Infogrity Ruby on Rails experts are active and open for any new updates from the active community on the web. Our research and development team is well coordinated with our developers / programmers and designers to implement new market updates. Our Ruby on Rail developers or programmers are all set with latest from ROR community on the web. The novel versions of ROR are Rails 2.3.5 and 3.0 and Ruby 1.8.6, 1.9. The following are new updates that we are capable to implement in ROR web application development or we can develop robust ROR applications with them.

 Infogrity is expert in using the popular combination of RUBY object-oriented dynamically typed “scripting language” and RAILS Web application framework for the quick website development economically for our offshore clients. We have greater skill to develop powerful and Rich Internet Applications with RoR. Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern is used by Rails (web framework) to organize application programming. Moreover, it also provides “scaffolding” for the automatic construction of models and views, which are essentially needed to build basic websites and in case of databases it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases.

Every technology gets popularity on the basis of certain principles, methodologies, features that make them more useful and efficient such as Ruby on Rails follow DRY, or Don’t repeat Yourself and COC or Convention over Configuration as well as Agile Development Methodology. It makes ROR technology popular among developers as it helps them to develop web application economically, in less time & code, plus cater facilities like code reusing in the development process.

Development of every website involve certain goal to achieve, our experienced ROR programmers and designers understand modern online business requirements very well, no matter for which industry they are working. Similarly, appropriate web development service providing company is important and clients don’t have any doubts about Infogrity.