Our team

Infogrity Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is offering a complete range of web solutions including web designing, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, multimedia solutions, Internet marketing and many more.It also offers Hire a Dedicated Team business model for long-term and short-term software and web application development outsourcing projects. Many professional talents are working collectively having great flexibility to twist themselves according to dissimilar challenging projects using cutting edge technologies. We move ahead with quality-driven approach.We consistently grow our skill-set and tech-expertise and work with a high-level integrity.We are organized ourselves for our clients and the complex business environment that requires professional talent with sufficient experience to provide ultimate solutions.

Our Team

    • We have blendeded our extremely talented and experienced professionals together.
    • Hierarchy of team affiliates uses to perform with well coordinated approach at uppermost level of discipline and professionalism.
  • Highly Skilled Software Architects
  • Professional S/W Engg. and Developers
  • Wide Visional System Analyst
  • Creative Web Graphic Designers
  • Expert Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Specialist Software Tester
  • Technical Writers
  • Network Engineers
  • SEO Specialist
  • Administrative Experts
  • Business Development Managers
  • Talented and Capable Project managers
  • “We aspire to develop and deliver a value system to the customer with excellent quality and cost effectiveness and with a focus on speed” this is the clear vision of every team member.”

Infogrity Softwares


“Infogrity Softwares Pvt.Ltd. is committed to develop the high end technology solutions with constant innovation, continuous improvement and value added services”. Our keen-eye on emerging trends of online business as well as technical spheres had empowered us to render the most innovative solutions solely in favor of our customers.


Both of our words and actions always go hand-in-hand.Our development teams are committed to their work and serve knowledge-base industry with all their technical talents.We have Customer-Centric Approach that resembles in our every effort.Every individual team member is committed to achieve team’s mission and for whole team success.

Norms/Ground Rules

Effective teams use to work with explicit and appropriate ground rules and norms. We follow every ground rule of IT industry in performing offshore projects. Ground rules provide teams with guidelines and a common set of procedures by which to operate. Our team members are enough experienced and well educated with all norms of IT.