• Electronic learning is the system developed to fulfill the needs of global education system at academic level and also in corporate training programs for employees.Due to advanced developments in the field of information & technology and considerable growth in the needs of global knowledge base industry and global business industry are leading the world to adopt newer and advanced systems of learning that can help in cost-effectiveness and fastest knowledge growth.

      Through e-learning, online events, e-books, research reports, and Learning Solutions Magazine are the methods produced by it every day in corporate, government, and academic settings which boosts knowledgebase.

      These types of software are very helpful in reducing the cost and expand the reach of information through virtual classes. They are handy in distance learning programs, professional course development and managing student information.

      Software companies are developing customized e- learning software for all learning markets. E-learning software is being used for universities, business schools & colleges and corporate.

      E-learning is the combination of multimedia and internet. There are various tools are available in the software developing industry for e-learning. These tools can be listed like:

      • Various multimedia tools are included like text, images, graphics, sound, animation, video, etc
      • Tools for creation of text are HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, Adobe Acrobat .PDF files and TXT, .DOC, .RFT are the more common formats.
      • Graphics & images tools are used to improve look & content and to make easy to understand. To edit and modify the images various image authoring tools are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Freehand, Super Paint, and Fractal Design Painter and so on.
      • Animation tools like Corel web graphics, GIF builder are being used to build various animation formats.
      • Web Publishing Tools like macromedia, Dream Weaver, Microsoft Front Page etc are used to make web based education site.
      • Internet-based Conferencing Tools are like email, discussion boards, lists, live chat and newsgroups that help in interaction.
      • Fast development of ultimate solution
      • Only necessary features included
      • Cost reducing solutions

      Infogrity is the software development company that adopts the new concepts and the technologies to render the best services in the development work of software. Company is enabling to produce best solutions for the software development work with its extremely talented team of developers. Talented professionals are united to produce the customized solutions for e-learning projects globally. Our processes are very flexible to adjust according to project demands. Software development process is as under:

      • Requirement Feasibility
      • Platform Feasibility
      • Time and Cost Feasibility
      • Project Confirmation
      • Project Development
      • Project Testing
      • Bug Fixing