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[ Asynchronous JavaScript & XML ] AJAX is basically a mixture of multiple programming and development technologies, each growing and developing in a much faster pace, working in powerful new ways. With Ajax anyone can create more dynamic and powerfull Web applications. Our expertise in development of Ajax-driven ecommerce shopping cart applications, which further adds variables to user’s online shopping experience.

The design goals for Web Development using AJAX are:

  • Standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS
  • Real time form data validation
  • Sophisticated User Interface Controls
  • Data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT
  • Asynchronous data retrieval
  • Java script binding everything together

Ajax enables web applications to respond more quickly to number of types of user interface. It avoids continually transferring unchanged information across the network. It is a Document Object Model, which is manipulated through JavaScript to dynamically demonstrate and interrelate with the information presented and it also can send and retrieve data without reloading the whole web page, this primarily saves time and bandwidth. Ajax technology can perform most of the functions such as it is used for allowing the client side of an application to communitcate with the server side of the application and vice-versa. With AJAX, the client and server can communicate freely with each other at anytime anywhere they prefer.

Understanding the benefits of using this technology for web application development. We have developed several complex web applications in Ajax like Content Management systems, image gallery applications and many more. Have a look at our web development Portfolio to know more about our expertise in AJAX programming.

If you are looking for Ajax programmer, Ajax PHP developer/ Ajax .Net developers, please Contact Us. We have developed several dynamic Web Applications using Ajax. We can provide examples of Ajax web applications to show the effectiveness that Ajax brings to web application in various ways.